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Industrial Hygiene Services

Whether it is a workplace sampling project or complete management of your industrial hygiene / occupational health program, we are available to help. Health and Safety Sciences can provide services tailored to your facility and needs - provided by a board Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) in the Comprehensive practice of Industrial Hygiene.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Industrial Hygiene program reviews/streamline programs and procedures.
  • Regulatory compliance reviews.
  • Help boost regulatory compliance.
  • Occupational Health and Medical Exam program reviews.
  • Training and education with the goal to boost compliance with regulations, company policies, and procedures.
  • Ensuring IH resources are focused on risks and not repeating the same monitoring over and over.
  • Cooperatively work to identify causes of exposure and to eliminate or mitigate.
  • Identify the important controls that reduce exposure so there is proper attention on them.
  • Qualitative exposure assessments.
  • Sampling for exposure to chemical agents (e.g. welding/soldering fume, silica, carcinogens, toxic gasses, solvents, metals, isocyanates).
  • Sampling for exposure to physical agents (e.g. noise, radiation, heat stress, electromagnetic radiation)
  • Sampling for biological agents.
  • Indoor Environmental / IAQ / mitigation of indoor air issues and problems.
  • Remediation oversight.
  • Legal support.

Contact us for a consultation and we can provide a quote. For scheduling
or questions about our Industrial Hygiene Services please contact:

Stuart Webster, MS, CIH

Protecting Our Planet

Protecting Our Planet: We strive to preserve and protect the environment in our day to day operations, recycling and using recycled products, and reducing paper use by taking advantage of electronic communi- cation whenever possible. That’s why we encourage our clients to accept electronic copies of reports and other project related information, to aid in preserving the environment for future generations.